Pantheon is a puzzle game in which you travel to locations of ancient India

Pantheon is a puzzle game in which you travel through different locations in India. As you progress, you will discover artifacts and for every completed stage, you are given a new trophy. Your goal is to collect an entire pantheon.

The game includes three modes Classic, Puzzle, and Relaxed. Classic and Relaxed are the same game, although the latter is played with no timer. In its turn, in Puzzle mode you have to solve the puzzles with a limited amount of moves. In the three modes, you must clear all golden tiles by making matches with the items over them. To make matches you must click on a group of two or more identical gems to make them disappear from the board. If you match large groups of gems, you can get power-ups that help you complete the levels faster and more easily. There are also several trophies that you can get by completing the levels meeting certain conditions.

Regarding the graphics, they are cartoonish and very colorful. Sound effects are cool and the music is very pleasant. In short, Pantheon is a nice puzzle game with an interesting theme that will surely attract many fans of this genre.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice theme
  • Beautiful locations
  • Three modes
  • Pleasant music


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